Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Eve Party the Hilton's Galaxy Bar in Athens.

This Christmas Eve me and my friend Katerina Moutsana Tapolin will be hosting a grand-glam party at the Hilton's Galaxy Bar in Athens! The Galaxy Bar just had a renovation and the place is just to die for! If you haven't planned anything for Christmas Eve and want to celebrate in a top glam way come and join us! Table reservations are limited so don't give it a second thought. Music will be played by Odsounds and Stefano and DJ Constantin and our sponsor for the night will be Beluga vodka. See you there Dolls!

The event on Facebook:!/event.php?eid=156159221097051
To make reservations contact me by making a comment below or by messaging me on Facebook (Gina Vlahandrea).

Kisses Dolls.


  1. Θα ηθελα πολυ να ερθω!Εκεινες τις μερες θα ειμαι με την οικογενεια μου δυστυχως ομως καλα να περασετε κοριτσια!Have fun!

  2. Thank you Rania! To exclusive afto party tha ginete mia fora to mina me opening paramonh Xristougenwn, ara there are more to come :) Ehw skeftei gia to epomeno pou tha ginei ton Ianouario na mazeuomastan bloggers, se ena chic k toso glam perivalon sigoura tha pernagame kala :)