Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flormar Cosmetics Review.

Flormar is an Italian cosmetics company which started out in the 70's. They have a wide range of products from make-up, perfume and even personal care products. They pride themselves in their high quality and yet economical prices. I was recently sent a package with products from Flormar as a gift!

Here's what I was sent

- He Is Black Code Deodorant
- Mono Eye Shadow in 002
- Supershine Lip Glosses in 131 & 125
- Pretty Lipstick in P313
- Supermatte Lipstick in 201


He Is Black Code Deodorant: I was actually surprised to receive a MEN's deodorant (taking that I am a...girl...) but nevertheless I actually sometimes enjoy colognes and scents that are meant for men so I wore it anyway. Nice scent and long lasting. Surely I can't wear it on a daily basis since it's a men's deodorant and the strong scent does not mix well with my girly perfumes so I guess I'll end up giving it to my boyfriend or dad.
 Overall: ♥♥♥♥

Mono Eye Shadow in 002: Lovely shade and I really liked the feel of the shade and how it applies. Goes on very smooth, color pigmentation is just fine. Overall a great eyeshadow that I have been using quite often lately! Also thumbs up for the mini mirror in the case of the eyeshadow, great for applying.
 Overall: ♥♥♥♥

Supershine Lip Glosses in 131 & 125: The glosses are really cute, shiny & sparkly. They apply great on the lips and give that "juicy" look to lips.
 Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥ 

 Pretty Lipstick in P313: This shade is a somewhat dark pink that has a frosted tint to the color and glitter in it. When I first saw the color I was skeptic cause I personally don't wear frosty-lipsticks but the shade actually turned out looking great and I enjoy wearing it. Lasted about 5-6 hrs with re-applying only once.
 Overall: ♥♥♥

 Supermatte Lipstick in 201: I was super excited when I saw this lipstick cause first of all, it's RED (and you all know how I love red lipsticks) and second it's a matte lipstick (and you all know that I love matte lipsticks) BUT I was super disappointed in this product. It was the worst of all in the package because it is not a matte lipstick let alone a supermatte one. It glides on like a glossy lipstick, the color was really weak, you really need to work it to get the super red of the color...not a matte lipstick.
 Overall: ♥

Thank you Flormar! 

Swatches in Natural Light.


  1. The packaging doesnt blow you away but im not complaining because i know they have low prices! I really want to try out their nail polishes and lipsticks xo

  2. Μια χαρα ματ φαινεται καλε το ματ κραγιον...κρίμα παντως γιατι όντως φαινοταν το καλύτερο. Χαιρομαι που το προσεξες και συ...τα κραγιον τους οντως κρατανε πολύ!!!

  3. Nice review, thanks! I think the Pretty line lipsticks are great, I have to try more!

  4. The lipglosses are very pretty I love them too!!!I haven't noticed that they had deodorants!!!

  5. Flormar is a TURKISH brand....has nothing to do with Italy whatso ever...but it's amazing and cheap;))

  6. Thanks for the review ...I have only used their "Multi colour " eyeshadow wheel ...I loved the texture & the colour very much but the pigmentation was not strong :/ almost weak ...I was thinking of using their mono shadows they are 4 grams each, and much more expensive than the wheels
    Greetings from Egypt :)

  7. This is actually what it says on Flormars official website 'Flormar, born in 1970’s in the city of Milan of Italy, carried all its production to Turkey in 1970’s starting a 42 years of adventure'. Sooo both are correct. Not gonna lie I also always thought this was a Turkish brand and I guess it is.. for the most part. I love their products and the affordable prices. Great review!

  8. hi the products are chic and glam yet polished. love the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1