Saturday, April 30, 2011

MAC's 'Shy Girl' Lipstick and Tommy G Blue Eyes.

MAC's 'Shy Girl' is really what the MAC site describes it as, a creamy neutral coral beige. It's an easy-to-wear everyday color that works either for day looks or for a night out. Since it's a cremesheen finish, so to get the full color you definitely have to glide it on a couple of times. Not at all drying for the lips, Shy Girl lasts and also has a pretty glossy effect.

If anyone is looking for a nude lipstick that doesn't give off a "corpse" look, Shy Girl is a great choice with it's peachy hue. 

 Now that Spring is upon us, I have been in the mood for rocking bright eyeshadows. So it was the perfect opportunity to try out my new Tommy G eyeshadow in no.1005 and the result is stunning! I wore the shadow for HOURS and it didn't wear off! For proof the photos below where I'm wearing the Posh hat were taken when I got home after a night out. As you can see, that stuff is still there! Their shadows apply on very smoothly and are very pigmented which is a major plus! I'm a really big fan of all Tommy G products and always have a good word to say about them!

 Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥ 

 I will be definitely be adding more shades to my collection!

Cam-whoring in the bathroom :P

What I'm wearing

- MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25
- Tommy G Liquid Foundation in no.2
- YSL Matte Touch Primer
- YSL Top Secret Primer
- Tommy G Compact Powder in no.605 (for contouring)
- Tommy G Bronze Glitter Rain
- MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder in "Medium Plus"

- Tommy G Eyeshadow no.1005
- MAC Paint in "Bare Canvas"
- Tommy G Eye Pencil in no.9
- MAC Zoom Mascara

- MAC Lipliner in "Subculture"
- MAC Lipstick in "Shy Girl"


This is the Posh hat I won from PoshFashion's giveaway! It's a colorful fedora hand made hat adorned with pictures of the one and only, Maria Callas. Thanks Taso! Also the gorgeous Swarovski blue earrings are a name day present from my very very good friend Elena (love her!). They are from Anna Maria Mazaraki and are gold plated! Very Glam!

Hope you all enjoyed this colorful Spring look, kisses Dolls!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Night Out at Coo.

Last Saturday night me and a bunch of friends went out to Coo Club with is in Kolonaki. It was so nice catching up with friends and of course having fun in glam style.

I got to meet Tasos from Posh Fashion who also brought me the hat I won on his blog's giveaway (post coming up soon!). Tasos is such a amaze person and is definitely going to be my glam buddy from now on!

On such events I refuse to go without my glam goddess Nelly from Ffffashion Mixxxx. An amazing person with amazing style.

Yura Tsu also joined us who not only is one of the most talented new blood in the fashion industry in Greece, he is also such a sweetheart! Super talented and nice, now that's a rarity!

Enjoy the pics Dolls!

Me and Tasos from Posh Fashion.

Me and my boyfriend Andreas and Nelly being silly in the background :P

Tasos from Posh Fashion and designer Yura Tsu.

The Nells and I.

Yura Tsu and Nancy Balodimou.

The night couldn't be complete without my friends Angela and Nicky, they are such amazing people and friends! We always have a fun time together. You should all hear how we met! Now THAT'S a story LOL!

Me with my fav Dolls Nicky and Angela!
Yes we love to camera-whore!

Kisses with Yura Tsu!

My pink bad ass heels and Yura's shoes.

Only downfall of the night was that some stupid bitch stepped on Nelly with a STILETTO. WTF seriously?!?
It was nurse Gina to the rescue while I tried to stop the bleeding with ice and blot it with tissue (I worked with what I had people). Luckily she's better now!

The shoes of the night!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photoshoot *Sneak Peak*

I don't know if anyone remembers me mentioning this on my Twitter account  but some time ago I participated in a photoshoot and here is a sneak peak! I really love this picture and can't wait to share more photos from the shoot with all of you. I did the makeup for 5 models including myself that day so there will be a whole lot more pictures to come. The photographer Prokopis Batzanopoulos has been by far the best photographer I have worked with. All the juicy details coming soon!

I also took pictures with my boyfriend Andreas (lovey-dovey).

Let me know what you think, I love hearing opinions ♥♥

Kisses Dolls ♥♥

Photo by: Prokopis Batzanopoulos

Starbucks Cupcake Surprise.

A couple of days ago I had a Starbucks date with my good friend Roula from Just Reous blog which I hadn't seen in such a long time and our coffee was long overdue! We both adore Starbucks so our meeting point is never an issue.

Starbucks had something in store though....  A CUPCAKE SURPRISE ♥♥  ♥♥  ♥♥  ♥♥  ♥♥

We had never seen them before so it was something we definitely had to try. Greek Starbucks doesn't have all the awesome stuff, not fun.

Caramel Macchiato light is what I pretty much always order, best thing ever. 

We each got a cupcake, Roula got a lemon cupcake with meringue on top and I got a vanilla raspberry cupcake which was T H E   C U T E S T   T H I N G   E V E R!! 

I actually felt bad eating it a ruining it but I just couldn't resist. To my surprise there was raspberry jam filling in the middle. Nom nom nom  ^-^

Roula also debuted her 1st tattoo, which reads: it's a wild world. It was a good chance for me to get all the juicy details on the tattooing experience since I'm looking to get my 1st on as well either this month or May. I want to get mine on the wrist and I know from now that it's gonna hurt as HELL. I'll let you know then.

Starbucks is only like 5 min from my house so I didn't go heavy on the makeup. Yes, I do walk amongst you all WITHOUT makeup. Sometimes at least. So that's why my brows are non-existent. Or one of them. WTF??!! I think I over-pluck one brow way too much. Need to fix that, note to self. Roula looks great though! So fresh and cute. Enough rambling, kisses Dolls!

Monday, April 4, 2011

MAC's 'Kinda Sexy' Lipstick & Look.

The name simply says it all...Kinda Sexy! Couldn't be more simply put. 'Kinda Sexy' is a matte finish (again, one of my favorite finishes, awesome effect) and an awesome nude lipstick. It's the kind of nude that works very easy day or night and on all skin tones. It's a neutral-pink shade and the pink in the shade is what makes it work for everyone giving off a more natural-beauty look. Plus shades like these always make your lips look sexier and fuller.

Who wouldn't want to look sexy and pulling it off naturally at the same time?

Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥  

I'm addicted to lipsticks so this is definitely a keeper. I can't wait to try it out with a glam-kicking smokey eyed look, I'm positive it's gonna be glamtastic!

Kisses Dolls!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Day at the Zoo.

About a week ago me and my bestie Elina went to the Attica Zoo. It's just a mere 20 min by car from where I live and I can easily say it's one of the happiest places to be in Greece.

So what about the Attica Zoo?

The Attica Zoological Park extends to a total area of 20 hectares, hosting more than 2000 animals from 350 different species.

It opened in May 2000, initially as a Bird Park, hosting the 3rd largest bird collection in the world (1100 birds from 300 different species), farm animals for the younger visitors and 3 very impressive walk-in aviaries – miniatures of the 3 continents – in which visitors can walk and admire the relevant bird fauna and flora.

In April 2001, when the “World of Reptiles” was added to the Attica Zoological Park, constant expansions and additions began including the “Greek Fauna” section, with animals rarely seen in Greece (summer 2002), the “African Savannah” with animals from Africa (February 2003), the monkeys and apes section (June 2003), the completion of the “Big Cats” section and the extension of the African Savannah (December 2004), the “Monkey Forest”, where visitors can be in the same enclosure with the monkeys (early 2005), the “Cheetah Land”, where 4 Cheetahs are kept in a large enclosure which visitors can cross through a special corridor, the chimpanzees and gibbons section (March 2008) and finally the “Arid Lands” section hosting animals such as camels, Somali wild asses, etc. (April 2008). In addition, in May 2010, 2 white male rhinos were added to the Park’s “family” and in June 2010, 4 dolphins and 2 California sea lions became members of AZP's family.

Future plans include the expansion of the facilities with “Dinosavropolis”, an Evolution Museum with an emphasis on the Age of the Dinosaurs, as well as “Okeanopolis”, an Aquarium of international stature.

Elina and I had an AMAZING TIME and we both felt as if we were children again (Which of course is true because you are as young as you feel right? And we shall NEVER get old or grow up)


The best part of the Attica Zoo for us was the Ring-tailed Lemurs! You enter a closed area in the park, where they are located and they run free in that area. After some time there we finally got the lemurs to jump on us and they are one of the cutest and coolest animals ever! They are very soft to the touch, very social and friendly and simply gorgeous! The sun was setting and the park was closing and we were still with the Lemurs, we didn't want to leave!

I can't wait to go again, has anybody been to the Attica Zoo? Did you like it? I would love to hear your stories and experiences! Kisses Dolls.

P.S: These are not the only animals we saw, we went through the WHOLE park. I just didn't want to go picture crazy in this post.