Friday, March 23, 2012

Koji SPRING HEART False Eyelashes #12 Review.

Some time ago Shoppingholics was kind enough to send me me these pair of false eyelashes from Koji. I'm a sucker for false eyelashes and the effect they can easily give your eyes.

These lashes make your eyes look bigger and more attractive as it dramatizes your look. I LOVE wearing them and the secret to their effect is the style of the lashes, some lashes going criss cross and on top of that longer lashes going outwards.

What surprised most was the glue included. Most lashes that come with glue, their glue totally sucks and its quality sucks even more. That's why I've always sworn by my Duo Eyelash Glue and have been using it for years now.

But I'd thought I give the Koji glue a try and surprisingly it was great! Did the work well done and was not at all too gluey and did not at all damage my eyes, win!

All in all I'm starting to believe you cannot go wrong when it comes to Japanese beauty products. I will definitely keep supplying my collection with these lashes.

                                                     Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥ 


  1. geiaaaaaa....eisai poly omorfh :) ti kragion foras?fovero xrwma :)

  2. I saw the photo on your facebook and i was gonna ask you what lashes they were cause they really do look beautiful !! xo

  3. I'm thinking of having my fringe cut like yours again but not too sure :( Anyways, you rock those lashes ! xx

    1. Thanks hun! I love my fringe and the edgy look it can give me :D

  4. julia..
    i hav the same lashes with urs..
    spring heart..
    but its a little hard for me to apply
    coz i hav a small eyes..
    but i like ur tutorial..
    anw..lets visit my
    ^^ thank u..