Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sailor Moon Hairstyle.

Hey Dolls! I was on Youtube some days ago when I came across a cute video on a tutorial how to do a Sailor Moon hairstyle and totally went for it one night out. Of course some idiots were asking me if I was a Pokemon, DAFUQ I mean seriously? LOL.

So here is my result of the tutorial and a link of the video too of course! Would you Dolls try it out? Lemme know, kisses :)


  1. A... Pokemon? LOL.. Not really my style but it looks super cute and original x

  2. O_O
    loving this!! i wouldn't have a problem trying this :) xx

  3. Hahaha she's so cute in the video, and her voice is cartoonish.
    Really nice hairstyle! Although my hair is not that long to try it, and I don't own extensions.
    You don't look like a Pokemon. lol maybe a cute Japanese princess or something. :) Your bangs and your winged eyeliner really help to the whole Japanese look!