Thursday, December 22, 2011


A month ago I adopted a new kitten, Tokyo! Didn't I give him an awesome name? I saw pictures of Tokyo on Facebook where someone was trying to find a home for him since he was found living on the street.
*sad face*

I immediately fell in love with him and just wanted to take him home and squeeze him and love him  *love*
After about a month of tracking him down we found him and he became a part of our family!

Our other 2 cats (which we have also adopted of the streets) have not accepted him yet since cats are territorial animals and they see him as an intruder in their territory. And all Tokyo wants is to play with them :/

Tokyo is a Siamese Blue Point kitten. Although he has some Lynx Point markings on him which have confused me so I just have to wait for him to grow up and see which markings are dominant.

I'm so happy to have Tokyo he is truly my Christmas gift from Santa this year!


  1. Είναι πανέμορφος! Και το όνομα του ταιριάζει τέλεια!!

  2. Awwwwwwwww he's so cute Gina!! Kudos to you for adopting animals that live on the street, because some bastards have bought them from a pet shop and then abandoned them!!

    Happy Holidays doll :D x

  3. Einai enas kouklos! Ton latrevw! Exw kai egw mia siameza!
    Elpizw na ton apodextoune sintoma ta "aderfakia" tou. Edw emena ti dikia mou tin exei apodextei kai o skilos mou! hehe

  4. Molis apekthsa ki egw to prwto mou gataki...thn gkrizoula!!!
    Rikse kai mia matia kai sto diko mou blog!

  5. poly gliko to gataki sou 8elw ki egw ena gataki opwsdhpote!!!