Friday, December 2, 2011

My MAC Lipstick Collection.

Hello my December Dolls! So as you all know I am a lipstick junkie and pretty damn proud of it. So I thought I'd start sharing my lipstick collections and the best place to start off would be of course MAC. I think I found all of them (I tend to forget lipsticks in bags) but I couldn't find my "Russian Red". It's somewhere (must find).

Let me know what your favorite MAC lipstick is. I'd really like to know what my readers love wearing. Kisses

The Nudes/Neutral

From left to right: Myth, Hue, Fleshpot, Shy Girl, The Faerie Glen (LE), Creme Cup, Honeylove, Kinda Sexy.

The Pinks

From left to right: St Germain, Victorian (LE), Lazy Day (LE), Angel, Pink Nouveau, Something New (LE), Girl About Town.

The Oranges/Reds

From left to right: Ever Hip (LE), Vegas Volt, Lady Danger.

The Purples

From left to right: Snob, Blooming Lovely (LE), Playtime (LE), Petals & Peacocks (LE), Up The Amp, Style Curve (LE).


  1. @Sudhaa: Look above it says "The Oranges/Reds" (Most of my Reds are from different companies)

  2. Awh looking at this , makes me wanna wonder ... Do your Mac lipsticks ever melt or break?
    Happens to me all the time :D

  3. Creme Cup & Russian Red my fav!!!

  4. Loving your MAC lipstick collection :)

    Xo, Christine♥

  5. Lovely shades! Pink too, my favorite!!

  6. Really nice collection, I have just a few MAC lipsticks, I prefer lip glosses generally

  7. Whooaa! Such a big collection. (envy) Neutrals always make me swoon. :)

  8. Gina im going to rob your house if i ever find out where you live :p Kala i want them all !! I think i need to start collecting MAC <3 xo

  9. Terastia sillogi, kai auta einai mono ta Mac!

  10. Amazing collection, I need to buy at least a couple of them!!

  11. So refreshing to see someone ACTUALLY USING THEIR STUFF!! :D:D Im so annoyed when people have a gazillion lipsticks but don't use them and are pretty much new.. I loved seeing your lipsticks being well loved!!!

    Im a new subbie to your blog :)

  12. εχεις παρα πολλα κραγιον!!! τα χρωματα ειναι απιστευτα μου αρεσουν ΟΛΑ!!!

  13. Awesome collection, am drooling all over them!!!
    very nice blog you got here am in love following you doll!!!