Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Fish Spa Experience.

Hello my dollies! Last week I was invited by the Fish Spa here in Athens to try out their services. I had never tried fish spa before and had been seeing how popular it was in Asia so it was definitely something that I wanted to try out. And of course I was curious how it felt to have fish nibbling at your feet.

Fish Spa FAQ

Fish Spa, what is it?

A natural pedicure method originating from Turkey and practiced all over the Far East. This unique skin treatment massages your feet using Garra Rufa fish. It is a great individual or group pampering experience which is something new that feels fantastic.

What are the benefits?

During the treatment the fish nibble and suck away the dry skin from your feet, leaving you with healthy and rejuvenated skin.
Your feet will feel amazing, refreshed and healthy. These clever fish can also stimulate acupuncture points helping to rejuvenate the nervous system, relax the body and release fatigue. Your blood circulation and flow is also greatly increased during the treatment.

Does it hurt?

No! The fish have no teeth so the treatment works by them gently licking and sucking away the dry skin.

Can I catch any diseases?

No certainly not! These fish cannot transfer any diseases to humans. You will pre-rinse your feet before you enter the tank. The water is sterilized and constantly changed , ensuring the utmost hygiene.

Is it safe for children?

It’s perfectly safe for children. The kids have great fun interacting with the fish.

The spa was just a 5 min walk from the metro station of Monastiraki which is great cause it's right in the heart of Athens. When we got there we were greeted by the lovely staff who were so nice and helpful!

First off I had to wash my feet with soap and wipe them down, I love it when I see that hygiene is taken seriously at a spa. It is key. I was also given 1 use slippers for me to wear and then my fish spa experience began! At first I couldn't stop laughing cause the feeling of the fish nibbling me was a very ticklish one, but after a couple of minutes it was pure relaxation. What you start feeling is a sensation of vibration and the relaxation of the water. After 30 minutes I didn't want to take my feet out! 

The skin on my feet were softer and smoother something that I really needed cause your skin can get so dry being exposed to the sun and wearing sandals all summer long.

So my opinion is to give it a try! For 30 min the cost is 18 euro, a fair price for such a cool experience.

Fish Spa Greece
Aiolou 45, Athens
211 8003700

You can find the Fish Spa on Facebook and at their site www.fishspa.gr


  1. first of all o xwros ine uperoxos! second of all na me plirwnane dN 8a to ekana! edo st 8alassa petuxainw kanena psaraki k bgainw e3w fwnazontas. alla gia tous normal an8rwpous prepei na ine poli oraia empeiria!

  2. Poli prwtotipo! Den exw xanadei kati tetoio! Fainetai endiaferousa empeiria! Tha ithela na to dokimasw...eimai periergi! :)

  3. That should have been lovely experience weird but lovely I would definately try it with one of my friends not alone just for having fun!

  4. I'm not brave enough to try this. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

  5. looks fantastic !! Im totally going to go xo

  6. It looks kind of relaxing but I think I wouldn't stop giggling for a minute!!! Vrika to blog sou apo to blog tis Demi, kai xairomai poly! :)
    I am your newest follower,and it would be an honot if you would check out my bloggie too :)

  7. wow!!!! LUCKY YOU..!!! Must have been a great experience..

    by the way you look beautiful not only in the pics but in real life too. i saw you yesterday at the flocafe where we all met..