Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lancome Event At The Mall Athens.

Today me and Dimitirios Konstandopoulos attended the Lancome event that is taking place at The Mall Athens. There I had the honor of having my makeup done by Lancome's head makeup artist in Greece, Panos Ermidis.

It was awesome to be taken care of by such a talented artist and he did such a beautiful job, I absolutely loved the look he did on me!

The event will take place until this Saturday July 30th at The Mall Athens in front of Galerie de Beaute on level 1. It's a great opportunity for any Doll to try out Lancome products, have their makeup done and to try out their new mascara 'Hypnose Doll Eyes' (a perfectly named mascara for all my Dolls).

Enjoy the pictures!

Me and Panos Ermidis, Makeup Artist for Lancome.

Me and Panos Ermidis, Makeup Artist for Lancome.

Dimitrios Konstadopoulos (fashion designer) and Me.

Dimitrios Konstadopoulous (fashion designer), Me and Panos Ermidis, Makeup Artist for Lancome.


  1. I'm jealous!!! You look fabulous and I've heard great reviews about the Doll eyes mascara! Oh the bow on your head is all the money!!!

  2. Thank you! The bow is from H&M they still have it, it was about 4€. I didn't try the mascara cause I had false eyelashes on when I went but will try it next time :)

  3. Ohh you look gorgeous here!x