Friday, July 22, 2011

MAC's 'Petals and Peacocks' Lipstick and Look.

This is such a gorgeous shade and unfortunately it was a LE from the "Give Me Liberty of London" Collection. I hate it when MAC does that, makes all the awesome lipsticks LE. Boo! (Sad face)

Anyway the lippie is has an amplified finish and a lovely creamy texture. It goes on smooth on the lips as it applies. It's loud and bright, and as far as color wise a lot of people call it a hot pink. I wouldn't agree. Calling it simply a hot pink does not do it justice at all. It's a purplely fucshia and that's what makes it so unique as a color. The purple tint to the color.

Since it's a limited edition lipstick it's no longer available in MAC stores but I'm sure anyone can find one on eBay or Amazon. Only thing that should be expected is that every seller thinks that they can sell a $14 lipstick for the price of $40 - $50 which is such a ripoff. I wish there were more fair/logical deals on LE lipsticks. Any thoughts on that?

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  1. I've wanted this lipstick ever since I saw a swatch of it! I must get my hands on it! I hope they put it out with another collection soon.

  2. Εισαι πανεμορφη κοπελα μου! Τελειο βαψιμο! <3

  3. Para poli wraio xrwma to kragion! Kai genika to makigiaz einai teleio! Eisai koukla!
    Mou aresei poli to molivi sto katw meros tou matiou!

  4. lovely color not for me though! you look fab!!!