Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gina in Wonderland: My Mardi Gras Costume.

The Friday that passed was the last Friday of the Mardi Gras Carnival and of course it was time to party! And I dressed as.....

                     .......     ♥  Alice Gina in Wonderland  ♥ 

I didn't really get why lots of people kept on telling me that for me to be Alice in Wonderland I had to wear a blond wig. WTF???? Screw you unimaginative close-minded people! Excuse me while I prefer to rock this look MY WAY and own it! *tries to calm down and not let the stupid people aggravate me anymore*

I'm wearing the beautiful "Great Pink Planet" lipstick by Lime Crime. I adore Lime Crime's lipsticks and colors. Awesome review on the lipstick coming soon in the following days!

I got my costume from Ebay UK and it cost about 21 euro, I think it was very well priced and the costume is great! I LOVE dressing as fairytale characters! For Halloween 2010 I dressed as Snow White if you guys may recall ( And for the Mardi Gras party I lent the Snow White costume to my friend Elena (yes it is the same costume), my best friend Elina dressed as a sexy ladybug and my boyfriend Andreas dressed as a vampire (I did his makeup, so difficult to work with! :P). I'm not going to go on and on what the rest of the gang dressed up as cause I'm too lazy to do so, I'm sure it's obvious in the pictures below. So enjoy the pics Dolls!


  1. Oh and btw, what lipstick are you wearing?

  2. Finally someone sane! :P The lipstick is "Great Pink Planet" by Lime Crime. A review on it is coming up soon :)

  3. Do you think its similar to pink nouveau?

  4. No, Pink Nouveau is deeper, it's very close to Saint Germain :)

  5. you look amazing!!!!!!

    love it!!!

  6. i love the dress AND the make up!!!!!!