Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sparkly Nautical Inspired Nails.

How I did it

For the gold nails:

First I applied one coat of the Forever21 Gold Glitter polish and immediately dipped my nail in the loose gold glitter (any glitter will do, the glitter I used is actually used for art crafts. Just make sure it's non-toxic).
Do one nail one by one and coat them in the glitter. Let them settle in and dry and they apply a couple of coats of clear top coat in order for the surface to smooth out and so it doesn't snatch on your clothes or come apart.

For the blue and red nails:

I used two coats of  Avon Colour Last Plus in 306 and L.A Girls Flare in Cherry respectably. Any blue or red will do. When both coats had dried I took a thin nail brush and made stripes with YSL in no.38. The polish was not as white as I wanted it to be and that's why the stripes are so soft, but I was too lazy to go upstairs to my room and find another white polish. Before the stripes dried I apply white and silver stars for them to stick on (forgot to photograph the stars, any kind of star for nail art will do). In between the stripes I applied the Forever21 Silver Glitter polish for extra sparkle.
Once all of that dries, 2 coats of top coat and your done!

Enjoy your sparkly nautical nails Dolls!


  1. Ouaou.Apla.8elw na kanw ola ta nuxia mou me gold glitter twra :p