Saturday, January 7, 2012

December Randomness.

Well late - December to be exact. I've been a bit lazy lately and haven't been blogging as much as I would like to. To cut myself some slack, I got sick 2 times durring December (so I lost 2 weeks there). Then with work etc...anyway enough explaining.

In the words of Mary Poppins: " First of all, I would like to make one thing quite clear. I never explain anything."

With that said, let's get on. I have quite a few bones to pick. First off: Hypocrisy.

I'm a very-straight forward person so when I can tell a person is faking something (and believe I can always tell) it really gets on my nerves. The world would be a better place if some people just had the fucking balls to speak their mind. Instead holding it in, pretending nonetheless to be a bad ass all the while I'm laughing my ass off.


Are people shy? Cowards? Above that? C'mon, it's not like you don't do it on the inside -- why not let all that honesty come out and shine. I do it and feel all so awesome.

Moving on.

Now, some people have been asking me via email or have been sending me hate mail about this so I might as well just blog about it so I don't have to tell the same story over and over again.

What's the big fucking deal, really? What planet do some dumb bimbos live on? Plastic surgery has been around for decades and is not at all shameful. I have never hid the fact that I have had work done and I'm really cool about it. If someone asks me, I tell them right away and if the subject mentions it I will even mention it on my own. ASK ANYONE, I DARE YOU.

I had I nose job when I was 16 years old (I have awesome parents you must admit). I was in a car accident when I was a kid back in Skokie and totally broke my nose. Growing up it looked kinda hideous. Bump on my nose, crooked (kinda looked like I played professional Hockey). Child plastic surgeons wanted to fix me up when the accident happened (I was like 7) but it is advised to get a nose job no sooner than 16 so I waited. I won't state the name of my plastic surgeon publicly or the price of my surgery, if anyone is curious and is looking into getting work done, send me and email and I'll let you know.

The most tragic part is that a lot of bitches have sent me messages on Facebook about this matter. LOL.

"Your hair and nose is fake"
"Jump in the sea, but wait, all your makeup will melt away"

...Is that all you got? 

If someone wants to diss me (I'm up for the debate) at least have the courtesy of telling me your real name instead of being a loser with a fake Facebook account (seriously?)
If you're gonna take off the gloves AT LEAST DO IT RIGHT. Jeez. Childplay really. Just some fugly bitches who really wish they could have plastic surgery and are all pretentious about it. I don't have a problem with somebody having an opinion. I have a problem with someone having an opinion and not being able to back it up LOGICALLY. 


Enough rambling for this time. And enough about me. How about you Dolls? How where your holidays? What did you all do? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Μα τι καθεσαι κ ασχολεισαι με τις κατινες του ιντερνετ?
    Ειναι ο,τι πιο ελεεϊνό κυκλοφορει,ειλικρινα..

    Εγω θα σου πω μπραβο που δεν εχεις κομπλεξ κ τα λες χυμα κ τσουβαλατα,η μυτη σου ειναι τελεια!


  2. @Artemi: Thanks Doll, you're too sweet :) Μαλλον δεν με εχεις δει να ασχολουμε xixi :P Απλα πληττω ας παρουσιασει καμμια κανενα αξιολογο debate γαμωτο :P

  3. Δεν καταλαβαίνω πως μερικοί άνθρωποι δε βρίσκουν να ασχοληθούν με κάτι αξιόλογο. Και ποιο είναι δηλαδή το πρόβλημα του καθένα και γιατί δεν γυρνάει η καθεμιά κι ο καθένας να κοιτάξει τον εαυτό της που κάποιοι την είδαν και κριτές εδώ μέσα. Εγώ αυτό που λέω πάντα είναι " You don't like me? Don't bother speek to me. I don't give a shit!" Μη χαλιέσαι, δεν αξίζει...

  4. Merikoi anthrwpoi einai apisteutoi! Prwta krivoune tin pragmatiki tous tautotita kai meta se vrizoune xwris logo!
    As erthoune na sou ta poune face to face an tolmane! Mia xara ta eipes omws! Oxi oti eprepe na tous dwseis logariasmo! Ama den se goustaroune na min diavazoune to blog sou! Losers kai jealous bitches!
    Kai atixima na min eixes pathei sto parelthon, exeis kathe dikaiwma na kaneis plastiki, efoson exeis kati panw sou pou thes kai mporeis na allaxeis! Panta kati tha vriskoune na lene...legetai komplex katwterotitas!

  5. Gina, your nose may not be natural but it looks so beautiful on your face, nothing irritant. Because you have really gorgeous eyes, skin tone and lips. So it's better to accept jealousy instead of trying to teach some idiots not to judge someone for her appearance and personal choices. Jealous people is everywhere.

    1. As a plastic surgeon that cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic surgery such as Botox and facial fillers can improve a person's appearance and make them feel more confident. Doll looks beautiful after that surgery.

      nose job

  6. Thank you loves for all the lovely comments, much appreciate! It's just sad to see this game of judgement that is only due to a low self-esteem, self-pity and self-loathness.

  7. have such a pretty face! I wish everybody was this straight forward..the world would have been simpler..
    Following you :) You could follow me back if you like!

  8. Tell me about freakin losers! Jeez! Who in the name of god will take the time to just write hateful stuff to some random person on facebook? can I just say I love plastic surgery when it's done well and I love your nose. It looks so natural and besides, you're stunning no matter what nose you have :P

  9. I don't think I would be able to tell you had a nosejob done, so I guess the doc did a great job! :)

    "Panta kati tha vriskoune na lene...legetai komplex katwterotitas!" -> de tha mporousa na symfonisw perissotero!! Ektos tou oti eisai mia xara kopela (kai eksoterika k esoterika), den koitane ta xalia tous lew gw? Toulaxiston esy exeis ta guts na vgaleis th fatsa sou sto internet!! Right? ;) x

  10. Oh god, those are all losers, really! -.-
    Don't be sad or angry about it, they are all dumb like shit! I think you are beautiful and I don't care if you had a nose job or not.
    AND I like your blog so I'm a new reader! I like that you are so genuine so please don't care about these people. There are enough people who like you and the main thing is that you like yourself! ♥

  11. Μην ασχολείσαι αυτή είναι η απάντηση!!! Πέρασε να πάρεις ένα βραβείο εδώ

  12. Οκ,μεταξυ μας ξερουμε ολες οι κακες,ζηλιαρες,κομπλεξικες τι χρειαζονται,και πως αν το ειχαν θα χαλαρωναν λιγο-χαχχαχαχαχαχαχα!Εισαι γκομεναρα κοπελια-τελος.

  13. Χαχαχαχαχα δεν υπάρχει ένα RT, ένα "like", κάτι!! Πες τα ρε Δέσποινα!!!

  14. Hey Doll!!
    i like the fact that you are setting the record straight but seriously you can just ignore the bitches and let them go pay a therapist for their inferiority complex, they all wish they can have your nose or even life. You are who you are and for crying out loud its your fucking nose, you can do as you please, so let them go kill themselves.
    keep keeping it real dear and let the haters make you popular.

  15. scrue them all honey!! don't give a damn!!

  16. Πραγματικά δεν θα μπορούσα να καταλάβω με τίποτα ότι δεν είναι η φυσική μυτούλα. Ταιριάζει τέλεια με τη φατσούλα σου και δεν είναι σε καμία περίπτωση κάτι το υπερβολικό ή κακόγουστο. Άρα τι τους πειράζει;;;
    Μπράβο που είσαι ακομπλεξάριστη και το λες!

  17. Those losers, if they could have plastic surgery too, I am sure they would. Either they can't afford it or don't have the guts to do it. Please, jealous bitches, if you knew how to tweak what you have you sooo would do it. There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery. Gina admits to it. Many good looking people have done it. Like I said, you would do it too if you could.

  18. oh people are gonna trollolololol, thats the miracle of the interent, yay. i think you are beautiful and it doesn't matter how you got there, you just are. and your nose is PERFECT!

  19. Realest chick alive, im following your pretty ass loooool, love it!!!