Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tommy G no.413 Swatches.

I've been looking for a khaki colored nail polish when I finally spotted one by one of my favorite brands, Tommy G. It's a part of their Fall-Winter collection which I practically want to buy them all right now.

I really like khaki as a Fall color as an alternative to the very dark polishes that we always see. It's awesome for Fall/Winter, goes practically with everything and has a classy feel to it. I topped my ring fingers with a touch of gold glitter for a little something.

Would you wear khaki nail polish? Kisses Dolls!

With Flash.

Without Flash.


  1. Teleio teleio! Pws mou ksefige! Exw ginei megali fan tis etaireias ton teleutaio xrono...Exw agorasei sxedon ola tous ta vernikia! Tin epomeni fora tha psaxw kai gi auto!

  2. This polish is gorgeous, love it :)