Monday, November 14, 2011

November Randomness.

So I just woke up a little while ago and I have not eaten (not good -- Gina hungry) but yet I felt a randomness within that I just had to share. Random stuff of my November. I know we're only half way through November but trust me I'll be too damn lazy to do the rest of November.


After my awesome birthday party I wanted to go to a cute little Italian restaurant with my boyfriend for a birthday dinner on the actual day of my birthday (November 7). I like making my birthday a many days' affair. Cause I'm special. And it numbs out the idea of the age part. Anyway, so November 7th was a Monday. I took a day off work just so I could go to Sette for dinner thinking "Yay dinner on my birthday at such a gorgeous restaurant".


The restaurant is closed every Monday. FUCK. *clenches fists, turns towards the sky and screams "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" in slow-motion*

So we went the next night. Awesome place, awesome food. Sette in Halandri. Everybody must go there. I wanted to take pictures in the restaurant of the food and the place for a blog post but my boyfriend was too shy cause it's a small quaint and classy place. So no post. Blame him. I spent over an hour getting ready and no pictures there! And I was picture perfect (sad face). Whenever this happens, usually there is a thought that we'll take photos when we leave. But trust me after 3-4 hrs I'm either tired/hungry/drunk and again no pictures. I'm thinking this is a trick my boyfriend plays on me cause he's always lazy to take pictures of me. But I'm on to him -.-

That's why I need an iPhone cause the front camera would be perfect for me. Independent cam-whore.

He did surprise me with roses that night. So sweet, I was really happy. Fuchsia and pale pink ones. Gorgeous.

Picture taken with my Blackberry and edited on my iPad (irony). And new wallpaper on both cause of the pure awesomeness of this gorgeous picture.

I have been curling my extensions lately for when I go out. Note: I DO NOT wear my extensions on a daily basis cause I don't need to. My hair is really long, down to my waist I just bought extensions cause even though my hair is super long and straight, it lacks volume. So hair extensions is a great way of making your hair look fuller.

Anyway curling just your extensions and mixing them in with your natural hair is a quick way of creating soft curls without curling every single strand on your head. Gina no patient. Will not get into details as a post on the matter is in the works.

I finally got this in the mail and since it's from England, I can't use it until I find a plug extension for it so it can fit in a Greek socket. Dammit! My mermaid hair shall have to wait. And it's blog post. Delays, delays...

Hello Kitty makeup case I got recently. Cause I adore Hello Kitty and all things Sanrio and I just had to have it.

More Randomness.

Being bored at work and thinking of ways to entertain yourself. Whenever someone at work asks you a question: take it as dirty, give them the look and chuckle to yourself.

Everyone supporting Movember when you're paying for laser hair removal sessions.

Your mobile carrier sending you that text message informing you that they will cut off your phone if you don't pay up soon. Delaying payment on purpose thinking to yourself: "Bring it on bitches" -.-

Thanking you all for baring with me on this random-ranting rave. Till next month's Randomness.

For my Greek readers I recently gave an interview if you care to read. Everyone who can't read Greek, press the link then put it in Google Translate. Works like a charm and saves me the boring task of translating myself.


  1. cuteeee! :)

  2. Teleies fwtografies, mou arese poli auto to post sou!
    Kai mena to agori mou to idio mou kanei, kai sto telos vgazw xalia fwtografies me to tripodo otan girizw spiti...Gi'auto kai otan einai na vgoume vradi sinithws vgazw tis fwtografies moni mou prin figw ap'to spiti.
    Poli kali idea auti me ta extensions. Egw apla kanw merikes mpoukles se tixaies toufes, kai oxi se olo to kefali, giati k egw den exw ipomoni!
    Oso gia to sidero gia tis mpoukles, exw akousei oti einai poli kalo, kai mporeis na vreis poli eukola adaptores stin agora. Mporeis enallaktika na pareis enan universal, pou einai kai xrisimos se taxidia sto exwteriko...

  3. I loved the random post you look beautyfull and the hello kitty bag is so cute!!!