Saturday, May 14, 2011

NOTD: Baby Pink and Silver Glitter.

Nails of the day! Both NOTD and FOTD (Face of the Day) are 2 new features on my blog and are being introduced today :)

I really love this mani cause it's simple, sparkly, cute and of course PINK! Any light/baby pink will do (2 coats) and any silver glitter will do (1 coat). I used a custom made pink polish and Forever21's Silver Glitter polish. Finish off with a coat of clear polish for that extra shine and you're done!

Nail Tip: I like to refresh my coat top maybe 2 times during the days to follow to make my mani last.

Without Flash.


  1. Lovely post.i loved it :)))great blog.i am following.follow back if u like :)

  2. I love this combination .... super cute!