Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebrating with Lady Danger.

Friday the 13th was my best friend Elina's birthday! The celebration took place at one of our favorite places to go out in Kifissia, Bronco. We all got together and had an amazing time.

I've known Elina for about a decade now and for she is the sister I never had, family more than just a friend!
She's been there for me for all the up's and low's, a true friend. Imagine that we understand each other with just a simple glance, that's how well we know one another. Also we have lived out so many things that always has us wondering if we are living in a movie (lots of crazy stories there!).

I wish my sistah all the best on her 26th birthday and I'm positive all her dreams will come true!


I made the cake! Rainbow chocolate cake!

Dreading Time.

As for my make up of the night, I chose one of my all time favorite red lipsticks, MAC's 'Lady Danger'. It's a matte lipstick and the orange hue in it makes it a one of a kind bright red. Never fails to impress! To complete the look, a simple cat eye with black eyeliner and of course false eyelashes.

Kisses Dolls

Camera-whoring in the bathroom, classic! Dirty mirror!


  1. Κατι μου ελεγε απ την πρωτη στιγμη που ειδα την τουρτα οτι την εκανες εσυ! Σιγουρα ηταν οσο νοστιμη ηταν η περσινη! (Την 8υμαμαι κ μου τρεχουν τα σαλια!)

  2. Haha yes I made it! Vanilla cake inside which I colored myself for is to be a rainbow swirl of mint green, sky blue and lilac! And chocolate frosting :P It was good! I'll make one for you too this year Doll <3

  3. I love the red lipstick and ahhh that cake looks so delicious!

  4. Haha! Φαινεται τοσο λυπημενη οταν κοιταει το 62!

  5. You look amazing and i love your friend's ombre hair too:P

  6. loving the cake and the pink spoon ! ♥

  7. by the way, i went to 2 Mac stores on the weekend just because where i ordered my lippy was sold out and i went to the other store for you but candy yum yum was sold out there as well :((((

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  9. okay really sorry about that again ! :/ haha. i was wondering what foundation do you use ? love how flawless your skin looks ! x