Friday, January 7, 2011

Michael Jackson Tribute Concert.

On December 30th I had the honor of being in charge of make up for the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert that was held at Gagarin 205. The whole event was organized by Thrill Athens, a group created about a year ago that started off with flash mobs of Michael Jackson choreography. I myself had taken part of the flash mob of "Thriller" which took place in Syntagma Square.

Since then Thrill Athens has evolved into an amazing group of people who with their admiration for Michael Jackson and with their commitment made a whole concert revival come to life! The concert was an exact mimic to Michael Jackson's Dangerous Tour, right down to the costumes, lights, choreography, make name it! A french impersonator named Steve Mickson took on the role of Michael Jackson on stage and we were all in awe! He did an amazing job! Unfortunately I couldn't see the whole concert due to the fact that I was constantly backstage doing make up and then helping out my best friend Elina who designed all the costumes and was in charge of the event's styling. So I can't wait to see it on dvd and view it from a different perspective whereas I was viewing it behind a curtain!

I had a blast doing the make up for the cast of the show, it was a very hectic and panic filled day but totally worth the experience! I was originally supposed to do the make up for 2 people but ending up doing 5 people's make up! Good thing I was sent an assistant who took care of the dancers make up.

Enjoy the pictures!

Elina Diamantidi's role as Michael Jackson's guitarist, Jennifer Batten.

Diletta was an Angel on stage during the song "Will You Be There".

I made her make up very angelic, with a star and a moon made out of silver glitter on her cheek. But glitter never shows well in photos.

Diletta on stage, acting out her role.

Elina as Jennifer Batten on stage.

Me with one of the dancers from the show, there was absolutely no time for pictures with the rest of the cast!

I also did Nicole Paparistodemou's make up. She won second place on 'Greek Idol' and joined Steve Mickson on stage to sing a song.

The whole cast and all who collaborated on stage at the end, I'm on Steve Mickson's left dressed all in black.

Kisses Dolls!


  1. wow! perfect!!! my favorite is the first make up..! so.. 80's!

  2. Αα υπεροχες φωτο!Πιο πολυ μου αρεσει το make-up τυπου angel,τοσο γλυκο!!

  3. Yes totally 80's Reous! I was very proud of the angel look, she is covered in glitter, but unfortunately glitter never shows well in pictures but on stage it was fantastic!