Saturday, October 9, 2010

Photoblog, Day 3: Something you bought today

Hey Dolls! Today I had my acting lesson downtown so I took the chance to take a stroll along Ermou Street. I stopped by MAC and saw that practically the whole "Venomous Villains" collection was already sold out and it came out this morning here in Greece! But I was looking at swatches from the collection on blogs the other day and I realized that I had the same colored lipsticks from either the permanent collection or from YSL. So now I'm waiting for the Tartan collection. Anyway back to what I bought today. I went into H&M to take a look and really liked a teal colored nail polish (which I was looking for one) and got it. They had the most gorgeous cobalt blue nail polish which I plan on getting next time. They are really affordable at 4 euros a polish. They apply just fine and have got a lovely finish. The name of the polish I got is "Mambo Jambo".

Of course I just had to stop by froyo to get my favorite frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles. This dessert always makes my day :)

That's all for today, tomorrow night I'll be going to an early Halloween party so I'll be sure to post pictures and blog about it. Have a good weekend Dolls :)