Monday, June 4, 2012

The Body Shop Pulse Store Blogger's Event.

A little while ago I was invited to the Blogger's Event for the new Pulse store in Kolonaki, Athens from The Body Shop. There to greet us was Dimitra Kaldi who invited us and organized the event -- thank you!

Stepping into the new Pulse store you can't help but get a fresh and homey feeling. All the products are amazingly put, the colors and the packages are just amaze!

What was also a nice touch to the new store is the fact that it is Eco friendly with LED light-bulbs everywhere and 100% FCS wood.

I would say the star product of the new store was the new line of Beautifying Oils which are THE BOMB. I cannot seriously spasm how amazing this product is so I will save all my energy and excitement for a review of the product.

Cute gift packages, ME WANTS THEM ALL!

With my Doll Olga.

With the sweet Natalie.

Fellow bloggers chatting away and me paparazzin' the shit out of the moment. The smiley face person wished to remain anonymous :P Caught half of Stavroula's head lol.

Getting pampered with a hand massage with the new Beautifying Oils. Shitty iPhone 4 pics (Thanks Deppy for the pics anyhow :P lol). Only 4S baby all the way!

After the event me and the girls had the opportunity to catch up and have some fun. We went to Showroom in Kolonaki for drinks and something to eat where my good pal Panos Fasoulis is the chef there. Below is what he prepared for me and everything was delish!

Green salad with prosciutto-melon-walnuts-mozzarella,  fresh bread bun with garlic butter & chocolate tart with fresh raspberries.

The peeps at The Body Shop gave us this amaze goodie bag -- such a sweet gesture from them! I was psyched to get so many Moringa products cause it's my favorite scent from their line, seriously heaven bottled up. I will do seperate reviews on these products as well as on some other things that I bought at the store while I was there.

The blogger goodie bag: Moringa Shower Gel, Moringa Body Butter, Moringa Beautifying Oil, Vitamin E Face Mist.

Again thank you Body Shop for the lovely event and for being so hospitable! 

Kisses Dolls!


  1. prepei na perasate yperoxa:)
    nice pics:)


  2. Hahahahaha loved the smiley face!!! Shame on you for catching half of my face and not the whole thing :P

  3. hahaha, we had a blast! And Panos' chocolate tart, omg!! Amazing!