Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Ombre Hair Transformation.

Hey Dolls! As you all know I recently changed my hair color and went for an ombre look. I have never ventured into doing anything bold to my hair and always kept it a classic jet black and always swore by it too. But I always admired ombre hair and thought to myself if I was going to try something I would like to try that. So I went for it!

I'm going to explain all the stages I went through to achieve my final look.

At first I went to a hair salon and they did a horrible job. They had absolutely no idea what the hell ombre is (even the famed Nicolas salons didn't know when I called them). I went equip with photos and all I got was my hair 1 hour in bleach 40% peroxide. As time went by and I felt my hair go on fire I ended up with something no way near to what I wanted: half of my hair turned FUCKING ORANGE.

DAFUQ? This was NOT what I had in mind.

So I then went to a hairstylist friend of mine who fixed the problem and did an amazing job. I get countless comments on my ombre hair he is so damn talented!

First he bleached my hair with 20% peroxide to remove all the orange from my hair. Then another bleach again with 20% peroxide. If you have black hair and go right away to a 40% bleach your hair turns orange like what happened to me. You have to go gradually with a 20% bleach.

Of course with all the bleaching process my ends got burned and had to chop off some of my hair. My hair had gotten super long (waist/butt length) and I hadn't cut in almost a year so I didn't mind.

To finish off the whole process my hairdresser put a reflet dye to even out the ombre ends and to soften up my black hair from all the blue black dye.

And Voila! Ombre hair fixed and accomplished!

Shitty orange ends!
Almost there...


  1. θέλω και εγώ!!Σε μακριά μαλλια είναι απίστευτο!!!

  2. Τελειο το αποτελεσμα. Το πετυχες φοβερα.

    Kristina recently posted.. Mac Hey, Sailor!.

  3. Μεγιές!!!Είναι σούπερ.

  4. korifaia allagi!
    einai polu wraio to xrwmataki pou sou bgike:)