Thursday, October 27, 2011

Greek Beauty Bloggers Meet & Greet.

A little over a week ago I attended the 1st Greek Beauty Bloggers Meet & Greet which took place at the Mall. It was really nice meeting people with whom I have been chatting for some time via Twitter and getting to know them. Also it was a great opportunity to meet the winner of my blog giveaway, Natalie and to give her her prizes in person.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay long cause I had to leave for work and of course I did remember why I never go to the Mall on a Saturday. It took me 30 min just to get there and park in the parking lot when normally I do that in 7 min.

L'Oreal Paris was a big sponsor of the event and it was lovely to meet the beautiful ladies from their PR division. They had a very generous surprise for us as we were given an awesome goody bag all with products from L'Oreal! So generous thank you! Of course Dolls, do expect various reviews on the products I was given, I am currently in test mode!

I'd like to thank the Greek Beauty Bloggers team for putting this meeting together as they did an amazing job and I found it remarkable that many bloggers traveled to Athens for the event. Hope to see you all soon!

Kisses Dolls!

The L'Oreal goodie bag.

All the gifts from L'Oreal, reviews coming up!

A 2 GB flask disk from L'Oreal with my name and blog on it.

2 goodies I won at the raffle there courtesy of Julia! Thanks Doll!


  1. Gina otan sou laxe to essie kontepsw na sikwthw na ton xastoukisw ton 3aderfo!!!! Einai teleio!!

    Kai gw xarika pou sas gnwrisa kai elpizw na ta 3anapoume gorgeous Gina!!

  2. beautiful make up (:

    CMPang x

  3. Gina it was lovely to meet I told you are so doll pretty!!! Hope to meet you soon again!!

  4. It was really nice meeting you and the other lovely girls! Very pretty gifts, nude nail polish and red lipgloss are sooo you, right? :D