Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lime Crime's 'Countessa Fluorescent' Review.

I have raved about Lime Crime lipsticks over and over again and will continue to do so since I as so in LOVE with them! And since I am a hot pink lipstick fanatic, I was compelled to combine my 2 loves and purchase 'Countessa Fluorescent'!

Actually I've been wanting to get this shade for some time, but it seemed to always be out of stock since it was selling like crazy at one point. Finally I got my hands on it and so glad I did. An awesome fluorescent Barbie pink, especially great for summer. I also wore it at a party and got many compliments and my bestie couldn't keep herself from applying it.

I was amongst the many who didn't get a chance to purchase MAC's 'Candy Yum-Yum' (which is now selling on eBay for $40-$50, yeah right!) I feel so relieved that 'Countessa Fluorescent' is really close and of course available!

Lime Crime all the way baby!

Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥


  1. Really nice color! It looks fantastic on you!

  2. definitely YOUR color! παει πολυ στις μελαχροινες.. στις ξανθες (like me) ειναι πολυ barbie..

  3. Σου πάει τέλεια! Το θέλω κι εγώ!!

  4. Your blog is my favorite blog EVER! You're so beautiful & I love all your posts!

  5. wow gorgeous photos, you look really amazing with that lipstick, it matches your skin tone perfectly!!! i was thinking of getting this, but decided i'd rather have a lip liner of the color + lip gloss, is there anything you can recommend? :)

    1. You should get the lipstick, it's gorgeous! If you find it too bright you can always tone it down with a lipgloss.

  6. Omg I love your blog! You are gorgeous please do more tutorials please! By the way what color are you using to contour in this pic??